What We Do

The Comfrey Project is a place where everyone is made to feel at home and everyone is encouraged to play an active role. Our volunteers, who are people seeking asylum and refugees living in the North East, put in as much as they gain, sharing their skills and knowledge with others and helping to make decisions about how the organisation is run.

Together we strive to make The Comfrey Project a place where people’s mental and physical health – and overall wellbeing – improves through taking part in meaningful activities, learning, and through contact with nature, other people and the local community. These are some of the regular programmes of activity here at The Comfrey Project.

What We Do 6
What we do

We run weekly Social and Therapeutic Horticulture sessions, using nature-based activities to improve people’s wellbeing.

What we do 1

At the Language and Skills Café, people have the opportunity to practice their language and communication skills in an informal setting.

What we do 2

On Fridays members of the local community join us a popular, vibrant, drop-in session where people take part in a diverse range of creative activities.

What we do 3

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we put in place a wide range of remote support options.

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"I don’t feel alone because you call me and I feel there is a place that I belong to and they remember me.”