Donate Materials

We welcome donations of materials that we can use in our community garden, at our allotment sites, and in our events. The easiest way to donate materials is by buying something from our Amazon Wish List.

***Please note that during the COVID-19 Crisis we have had to suspend material donations for health and safety reasons. If you have materials you wish to donate, it is ESSENTIAL to contact us first to check whether we are able to accept  them.***

You can also donate good quality second-hand items – these are the items that we can make use of:

– Art, cookery and gardening books

– Vegetable and flower seeds

– Arts and crafts materials (such as paper, paints, beads etc.)

– Paint and varnish

– Paint brushes

– Wool and knitting needles

Please contact us before you bring us any donations, and please make sure that all items are clean, working, and safe to use.

Donate Materials