Our day out at the beach

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Refugees of the North East #5: Nancy

A fun day was had by all at our beach trip on the 5th August.

The weather was VERY kind to us and it was a gloriously sunny and hot day. There was a good turn out and those that came enjoyed good food. (Thank you to those people who brought food to share with us.)

Some enjoyed ball games, playing football and beach volleyball was very popular.

Others enjoyed a paddle and some were even brave enough to swim! We buried John and Daniel in the sand, but we did let them get out again.

It was a day for relaxing and enjoying good company.

“Thank you for inviting us to the beach trip. We had a great time with everyone, the people were really nice and the food so thank you very much :)” from Dil Awaiz & Sultan Sikandar Kayani

We have decided to make this an annual event. So here’s to next year, fingers crossed for the weather!