Moorside Allotment Update

Home Group and Overybury Construction 3
Busy building

Moorside Allotment

Our Moorside Allotment is the proud new owner of some lovely wooden structures thanks to Home Group and Overybury Construction.

We were kindly donated:

  • Wooden posts for fence repairs -a winter job for those who are brave enough
  • Recycled wooden pallets, for making new benches or for fixing our fences
  • Build it yourself cold frames which is another winter job! These can be used to look after plants strong enough for the colder climate but need a little help in the snow and ice


The stars of the show are the four raised beds, two of which have been specially built so that they are a lot taller than the soil level which means that anyone who comes to us with who cannot bend down very well can work comfortably looking after all the wonderful plants that will grow. We look forward to seeing you there in the future.

This project has been made possible by the generous donation of materials from Overbury PLC and Home Group’s One Strawberry Lane Community Project, who are currently having new offices built in the Newcastle area. We thank you all!