Happy Earth Day 2020

Make a Flower Basket! Part One 4

Happy Earth Day people! ???

Reza made a small video to show you all how he celebrated today, by planting some dwarf beans and sunflowers.

He also offered instructions if you want to grow them, as well:

1. Add general use compost in small pots

2. Push the compost down a bit

3. Make a 3cm hole in the middle with your finger

4. Grab one or two seeds and put them in the same hole

5. Add some more compost on the top

6. Water using a sprinkler head on your watering can, so that the seed does not move. If you do not have one, you can make holes on the cap of a plastic bottle and use that instead. Or simply use a teaspoon and water gently.

7. Keep inside the house by the window and water once a day or 4 times a week, depending how warm your house is.

8. The seedlings should pop up after 21-25 days approximately.

9. When they become around 20cm long you need to repot them in a bigger pot or on the ground, if you have have a garden.

10. Then, keep watering twice a week and you should have a beautiful sunflower around July. ?

Dwarf beans should come out in July until September ?