Gardening Journal: Willow Weaving Workshops

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Gardening Journal - Willow Weaving Workshops

During August and September we are lucky enough to host 3 willow weaving workshops, on our 3 sites, with Ruth from Sylvan Skills. Check out the gallery further down the page to see our participants’ new skills in action!

Together we have been learning different weaving techniques:


We started learning on small table top panels, using wooden frames to learn the skills and techniques of weaving, before moving on to making large decorative panels for our gardens.

At the allotment these will hide the compost heap, and at Windmill Hills we’ve used them to hold netting to stop the birds eating our Covo crop.

Bird Feeders

To make these we used blocks of insulation to hold the bottoms in place, then folded 5 sticks over each other in a square, to create this spiral effect. To finish we tied a loop at the top to hang them up by, and trimmed the ends to give the birds a perch. Once filled with a mixture of fat, nuts and seeds, we will hang them in our hedges for the birds.

Garlic Holders

The conical shape used for the Garlic Holder is a practice piece to learn how to make garden obelisks for beans and peas to grow up. It can be used for drying garlic, holding a lantern, or in some countries for River fishing.

Our last class will be at the end of September, hosted by Walkergate Allotment, where we are planning to make Obelisks and have a go at some baskets.

It’s on 24th September and all our members are very welcome!

If you would like more information, or to come along please contact Helen on 07869 808335 to book your place.