Gardening Journal: Season of Fire & Light

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Gardening Journal - Season of Fire & Light

At this time of year, once we have gathered all the seeds we need, it is a good time for garden fires.

After 5th November our allotments allow small fires, and at Gateshead we have a lovely little fire pit from our Woodcraft workshops we hosted before lock down.

Burning off the debris from cutting back after the summer blooms provides a traditional way to stay warm and keep working outside.

We also take the charcoal and ashes that are left, once cooled, and dig them into the soil to help with aeration and nutrients.

We are looking forward to baking the last of our potatoes in the fire ashes, we will probably try cooking other root vegetables in the heat of the fire as well. We are interested in the tradition of toasting marshmallows over the fire…we will be making our own vegan version the week before Christmas as part of our Brighten The Day programme.

At all three of our gardens we have some piles of wood ready for our fires, we will be careful to check the wood for wildlife before putting it on the fire.

This is so important for protecting Hedgehogs, frogs and many insects that will use a pile of wood for shelter and hibernation.

Please never start your fire in a pile of wood you have left, even if it has only been there a few days!

We would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Diwali, bonfire night and hope you enjoy all your autumn celebrations.

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