Gardening Journal: Replanting Butternut Squash

Make a Flower Basket! Part One 10
Gardening Journal: Replanting Butternut Squash?
This is John showing us what he has been up to in the garden earlier. John and his family are some of our awesome neighbours and volunteers! Him and his wife Stephanie even started the weekend gardening group for neighbours at the Comfrey, last September! Now they come in a few days a week to exercise by doing gardening (or running around, as you can see the kids doing!) and help maintain the garden, too! 
On a regular day at the Comfrey, we would receive many visitors, who we loved taking around. It was one of the key ways for our volunteers to welcome people and proudly show what they achieved! 
Even if we open for some face-to-face sessions in the next few weeks, as the restrictions ease, it will have to be done on a limited basis to keep people at a safe distance. So, visits like this from the public are not going to be likely possible for a good while ? 
We want to gradually establish other ways to continue to share the joy of our garden with everyone however, and these self-made journals is one of them. We do hope you enjoy them, and we want to say that we do miss being in each others company!