Food Newcastle & Organic September

Food Newcastle & Organic September
Every year, people across the United Kingdom celebrate “Organic September”.

This celebration is about rejoicing and supporting growing, working and living with organic produce.

At The Comfrey Project, all our garden plants are grown organically and in sustainable ways. We love our planet and do not want to damage it by polluting the earth.

Food Newcastle are an organisation based across the River Tyne taking action against things like food waste, food miles, eating healthy, encouraging people to shop with local producers and not waste food of any kind.

We are very happy to have been working with Food Newcastle on these important issues such as growing local and eating environmentally clean food. You can look at their social media (Instagram and Facebook) to watch some videos about what we do here at The Comfrey Project and the important work we do for our food growing.

What does organic mean?

  • It means something that is made from living cells
  • All living things, humans, plants, birds, mushrooms are all organic
  • A table made from wood is organic. If the table had screws in it to hold it together, the wood is still organic but the screw is inorganic. This is because it is made from metal, which is not made from living cells.



In the videos below Cal explains how we can make the most of any food waste we produce to benefit our growing crops by making your own compost and how to use it.

These videos were produced  for Food Newcastle.   See the source image @food_newcastle

If you would like to know more about this, please speak to Cal the Horticulture and Garden Lead for the Comfrey.