Damage To Our Polytunnel

Make a Flower Basket! Part One 9

We’re so upset to find our polytunnel so badly damaged this week. Especially as we are reopening for gardening sessions next week. Many people have been very eager to return to the garden after the terrible year we have had. But this damage is significantly limiting our growing space and affecting our plans.

We wonder if you could help: Do we know anyone who has experience of fitting a new plastic this big, who would be able to help us out?

Professional companies we have enquired with has given us as earliest date they are available October ’21! So we will have to buy the plastic and do it ourselves.

Also, we do not seem to be able to find plastic sheet that can be delivered before mid-May/June, so any support for temporary solutions would also be appreciated (eg spare plastic we can borrow etc) so at least we could grow *some* plants.