Cooking from the Heart : our cookbook is published

Refugees of the North East #1: Reza

In the past two years, thanks to support from Big Lottery Fund’s Local Food Grants, 45 asylum seekers and refugees participated in weekly allotment sessions and cooking classes, with 15 participants planning and delivering the cooking sessions which led to Cooking from the Heart, this wonderful book.

Foods cooked by people from different cultural backgrounds were first identified, and then grown at our allotments. Knowledge was gathered, discussed and shared. Techniques were explored and refined. Best of all, food was eaten, laughter was heard, hearts were opened.

Cooking from the Heart is the result.

Of course, you’ll love the food. It’s exciting, unusual and delicious.

But what you’ll really experience – as you cook, eat and enjoy your meal – is the warmth and friendship of our participants … as they invite you into their lives to eat with them.

We’ll tell you more about ordering copies soon.