BALTIC Co-Producers: Hand Massage

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Digital Storytelling (02) - Hand Massage with Belmira

Over the past year or so, six of our Volunteers have been working as Co-Producers on a digital storytelling ‘how-to’ project with BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art.

Meeting on an almost weekly basis, and with input from professional artists and a Digital Support team, the Co-Producers had opportunities to build digital skills and confidence such as story-boarding and film techniques. They were able to practice making videos with some of the participants’ skills and stories, and shared their observations on what makes a good digital story.

These Volunteers will now be able to support more people who wish to share their own stories and specialisms with the world through video.

Aside from the skills they gained through this process, the Co-Producers also benefited from the opportunities for social connections that have been prevented by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Below is another video produced as part of the learning process during the project. It features Belmira, an experienced Beauty Therapist, demonstrating a self-soothing massage technique which helped her deal with the emotional stresses of the pandemic.