During the Coronavirus crisis we have had to suspend our normal services and develop new ways to provide remote support for our participants and volunteers, to address their needs and support their health and wellbeing during this challenging timeOur current services include:

Wellbeing Parcels: We provide all of our participants and volunteers with wellbeing parcels every month, containing gardening resources, creative activities, learning materials and essential items such as food, toiletries and cleaning products.

Wellbeing Calls: Our staff undertake regular wellbeing calls with our participants and volunteers to keep track of how they are doing and if they require any additional support.

Internet Access Support: We provide phone credit vouchers to support our participants and volunteers to maintain internet connections and keep them in regular contact, to reduce social isolation. We have also established several WhatsApp groups to help people stay connected and communicating.

Befriending Service: Our befriending service identifies participants at high risk of social isolation and pairs them with a volunteer befriender, who will check in regularly with them about their health and wellbeing and to socialise.

Remote Language Learning: Both 1-to-1 and group English Language support sessions have been offered throughout the crisis, while a new volunteer-led “Language Buddy” programme is being launched at the moment.

Digital Skills Project: Participants are supported to share their talents, passions, skills and stories through videos, podcasts and other digital means. The programme has been delivered through regular group sessions and workshops, while a number of partners, including Baltic Gateshead, SailCreative and Star & Shadow, have also been supporting participants along the way to develop their story-telling, presentation and technical skills.

If you would like to learn more about our remote services, or enquire about how you can help with these as a donor or volunteer, please feel free to get in touch by emailing us at info@thecomfreyproject.org.uk or calling 07795 320 706.